Weaving Experiences into Fictional Vignettes

Every experience becomes a thread, crafting intricate fictional moments that capture the essence of life’s richness. Welcome to the magic of storytelling!

Adele Leurini

Mentor | Entrepreneur | Writer

Adele Leurini is a Bay Area-born storyteller, educator, and US Women’s Army Corps veteran. From bustling family life to nursing and a PhD, she weaves diverse experiences into compelling tales. She continues to mentor new nurses, craft narratives, and lead Retirement Legs Writing Company.

“As a debut author with a few more chapters under my belt, I blend real-life moments seamlessly into my characters’ tales. My creations mirror life’s authenticity – they stumble, soar, and sometimes repeat mistakes. Just like us, they’re beautifully imperfect, evolving with every turn of the page.”

Adele Leurini

Own Your Piece of the Story

Ordinary Man Series Book One;
Andrew and Olivia

Join the journey of Andrew, an attorney and cop, and Olivia, a kickass trauma surgeon, both shaped by military backgrounds. Despite the 17-year age gap, their friendship turns into a powerful love story as they navigate shared experiences and life’s twists.

$10.48 - $53.38

Video Trailers

Book 1 Andrew and Olivia

Book 2 Andrew and Francesca



Emotionally Gripping

An emotionally charged narrative that had me hooked from the first chapter. The characters felt real, their love even more so.

Denaina Bill

2 months ago


Compelling & Unconventional

A riveting tale that beautifully captures the essence of love evolving against all odds. An absolute page-turner!

Emily Johnson

1 month ago


Age-Defying Connection:

A refreshing love story that proves age is just a number. Heartfelt and relatable, it left me pondering the power of connection.

Michael Anderson

3 days ago


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